About Dr. Richard Ellenbogen

Dr-Richard-Ellenbogen-Mohel-Austin-TexasMy name is Dr. Richard Ellenbogen. I am a certified obstetrician /gynecologist and a certified Mohel. I have performed several thousand circumcisions over the years on the babies that I have delivered including those during the Berit Mila Ceremony.

Mazel tov on the birth of your baby boy!  You are about to celebrate a Jewish tradition that has linked the Jewish people’s beliefs and traditions that dates back almost 4000 years. It is an occasion of joy and celebration.

Mohel for Bris in Austin, Texas (Doctor)We are obliged as parents to provide for both the physical and spiritual needs of our children. Through the sacred ceremony of Berit Milah we celebrate and welcome your son into the spiritual covenant with God and into the Jewish community.

I look forward to joining you on this special occasion and helping your child enter the covenant of our forefather Abraham.

This website will provide you with some general information about the ceremony, and religious as well as medical reasons for circumcisions. It also gives specific information on what you need to bring, and post circumcision care for your child.

Please contact me to inquire about the Jewish ritual of circumcision (B’rit Milah).