Dr. Ellenbogen – Certified Mohel for Brit Milah

Brit Milah in Austin, Texas

My name is Dr. Richard Ellenbogen. I am a certified obstetrician /gynecologist and a certified Mohel. I have performed several thousand circumcisions over the years on the babies that I have delivered including those during the Berit Mila Ceremony.



About the Bris

Brit milah, which means "covenant of circumcision," is a Jewish ritual performed on a baby boy eight days after he is born. It involves the removal of the foreskin from the penis by a mohel, who is a person that has been trained to safely perform the procedure. Brit milah is also known by the Yiddish word "bris." It is one of the most well-known Jewish customs and signifies the unique relationship between a Jewish boy and God. Traditionally, a baby boy is named at his bris.
National Organization of American Mohalim

Dr. Ellenbogen

Dr. Richard Ellenbogen is a proud member of the National Organization of American Mohalim (NOAM). He completed the Berit Mila Program of Reform Judaism, which seeks to make the age old practice of berit mila, available to Jewish families as a meaningful and relevant Jewish life-cycle ritual.
Austin Mohel - Brit Milah in Texas

How to Prepare

I will provide you with a checklist of items that need to be on hand at the bris.

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